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Mass. Boy Missing in Snowstorm

February 27, 1999

NORTON, Mass. (AP) _ Corey Anderson, a 9-year-old boy who prefers computers and video games to the outdoors, went outside in a snowstorm to find his dog, Jasmine.

The missing golden retriever found its way back home within an hour.

Corey did not.

On Friday, more than 100 people continued what had been an all-night search for the fourth-grader, battling snowdrifts and poor visibility to comb a three-mile-wide circle of woods, lakes, swamps and cranberry bogs in the town about 30 miles southeast of Boston.

``I’m hoping it’s something like he just got lost and found a warm place to sleep for the night,″ said Corey’s mother, Maria Anderson.

Authorities searched in teams of five, their arms linked. Helicopters, snowmobiles, ice boats and search dogs were also used.

``It’s like a needle in a haystack,″ Fire Chief George Burgess said.

Divers also went into Lake Winnecunnet, less than a mile from the boy’s home. The lake had a thin cover of ice.

Corey suffers from attention deficit disorder and missed at least one dose of medication.

Overnight temperatures had dropped into the low 20s. The area had gotten a foot of snow by Friday morning. Corey was bundled up in two jackets, a sweater and his mother’s fur-lined boots when left his house Thursday.

``The situation is bad, it’s freezing, it’s windy and he has not been seen since 12 o’clock yesterday,″ state police Lt. Tom Curran said Friday afternoon. ``There are wooded areas that are so thick they’re almost impassable.″

A smaller group was expected to search through Friday night, when 20 degree temperatures were forecast.

Lynda Andino, the former wife of one of the child’s uncles, described the boy as a computer whiz. And K. Gerald Smith, principal of the L.G. Nourse Elementary School, said Corey is known as a bright, witty and creative child who is ``absolutely consumed by video games.″

At Corey’s school Friday, the principal and two counselors talked with all the children during homeroom period to answer their questions and explain why a police command center had been set up at the school.

The teachers were told ``to be very honest with their emotions and their feelings,″ Smith said.

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