‘Kindhearted’ Kaley holds cookie sale, raises more than $850 to benefit Harrison police

September 5, 2018
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Six-year-old Kaley Bastine waits to take orders at her cookie stand to benefit the Harrison Township Police Department on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018.

Six-year-old Kaley Bastine is at it again--raising money for her local police department.

Kaley, who is headed into first grade, held a cookie stand on Saturday to raise money for the Harrison Police Department. She raised just over $100 for the department when she held a lemonade stand on July 4.

After raising that much, she knew she wanted to do it again.

This time she and her grandmother, Judy Sims,--known simply as JuJu-- baked almost 1,200 cookies. Patrons could donate as much as they want.

″(We made) peanut butter, chocolate chip and lady locks,” Kaley said.

Kaley set up the stand in front of her family’s Natrona Heights home on Liberty Avenue and raised just over $850.

Even when there were nearly a dozen people lined up around her stand, she never got overwhelmed.

“It’s cool,” she said of so many people coming out.

Not only did she get customers lining up, but she got visits from the police and District Judge Carolyn Bengel.

“She’s just an amazing little girl,” Bengel said.

Bengel and police officers had lunch and spent an afternoon with Kaley after she made the first donation. She got to try on the judge’s robe and sit in a police car.

Kaley loves police officers and wants to donate to them because of all the good they do in the community.

“They help people,” she said.

Harrison Police Sgt. Brian Turack was among the officers who stopped by to see Kaley.

“I know her support goes beyond Harrison Township. It’s for all the police officers everywhere,” he said. “She’s just such a kindhearted young girl.”

The budding entrepreneur already has an idea for her next fundraiser.

“A car wash,” she said, jumping with enthusiasm.

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