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March 24, 1989

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) _ Former first lady Rosalynn Carter says her daughter’s political activism came as a surprise.

Mrs. Carter told a Nova University luncheon that the country met Amy as a shy pre-teen and watched her grow into a college activist protesting apartheid and the CIA.

″Actually, Amy’s activism surprised us, because she’s basically a very shy person,″ Mrs. Carter said Wednesday. ″We don’t always agree with her, but we’re proud of her. She’s only been arrested four times.″

Amy, 21, is studying art at a Tennessee design school.


GALLATIN, Tenn. (AP) - City Council is considering a request to remove Barbara Mandrell Boulevard signs from a two-mile section of highway because the country music star has moved 15 miles away.

Jeannie Gregory, executive director of the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce, said she believes the two large signs should be removed ″if the posts can be used to advertise civic groups or for some other fashion.″

The signs, costing a total of $10,000, were erected in 1983 along the stretch of U.S. 31E about five miles from Mandrell’s former palatial home on Old Hickory Lake. The singer moved to Joelton last year.

″There are no hard feelings because she left,″ Gregory said.

City council members studied the matter Tuesday night, and will discuss it again April 4.

Jeannie Ghent, a spokeswoman for the performer, said there will be no ill feelings if the signs come down.

″We were so honored when they made that stretch of road, but with her moving out, we don’t blame Gallatin at all,″ she said. ″We were honored by the time we had it.″


MIDLAND, Texas (AP) - Filming has begun for a depiction of the rescue of toddler Jessica McClure, who was pulled from an an abandoned well 58 hours after tumbling in.

But little of her west Texas city will be seen in the production that ABC- TV will broadcast May 21.

The filming of ″Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure″ began Thursday in the back yard of a suburban Los Angeles home, a spokesman for Interscope Productions said.

The hospital and city hall are the only sites in Midland being used. The shaft will be recreated in a Hollywood film studio.

The cast includes Patty Duke as a victim’s assistance volunteer; Beau Bridges as Midland Police Chief Richard Czech; Roxana Zal as Jessica’s mother, Cissy; and Will Oldham as Jessica’s father, Chip. Toddler twins Laura and Jennie Loesch will take turns portraying Jessica.

The 1987 rescue of Jessica, trapped for 2 1/2 days in a 22-foot-deep water well when she was 18 months old, brought worldwide attention to Midland as it was broadcast on national and international television.


SANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) - Globe-circling aviator Jeana Yeager is planning an educational fund-raising flight that will stop in all 50 states and Canada’s 10 provinces.

Yeager, who in 1986 helped fly the experimental aircraft Voyager non-stop around the world, told reporters at Santa Maria Airport on Thursday that she and pilot Milton Mersky will be flying to benefit the Youth Foundation of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Funds will be used to aid the aviation education in both countries.

The flight will begin in California in July and end in Oshkosh, Wis., in August.


YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) - Actress Meryl Streep has neither accepted nor rejected an invitation from apple processor Tree Top Inc. to view Alar testing, her agent’s office said.

Tree Top, the nation’s largest apple juice maker, issued its invitation Tuesday. It wants Ms. Streep to visit its headquarters and view how it tests to make sure Alar is not present in its products.

″I have no idea if she is aware of the invitation,″ Susan Anderson, who works for agent Sam Cohn in New York City, said during a telephone interview Thursday.

She said Ms. Streep will be out of the country until Tuesday, plans to attend the Academy Awards on Wednesday, and will leave the country again the next day.

Tree Top, based in the Yakima suburb of Selah, contends that the nationwide Alar controversy - with Ms. Streep as a vocal opponent of the suspected carcinogenic farm chemical - has been a ″blanket indictment″ of the entire apple industry.

Tree Top for years has rejected Alar-treated apples for its own products, but contends that the nationwide scare is hurting its sales.


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - Convicted Watergate figure Charles Colson says prison ministries like the one he started 13 years ago are the only way to fight crime.

About 30,000 inmates at 550 state and federal prisons have been through Colson’s Prison Fellowship seminars, he said Thursday. During the next three years, 60,000 more inmates will go through them, he said.

The program, which is in prisons in 34 countries, has about 22,000 U.S. volunteers, some of whom are reformed criminals.

″The secular world has to take notice,″ said the 57-year-old Colson, who addressed about 250 prison chaplains and church pastors from across Michigan at Calvary Church. ″This is the only way we’re going to deal with crime.″

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