Judge appointed to oversee circuit cases

October 1, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A longtime former Cabell County circuit judge will temporarily return to his seat in October after he was assigned to oversee cases for appointed West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Paul T. Farrell.

According to an order released by the Supreme Court, Senior Status Judge Dan O’Hanlon will be assigned to oversee Farrell’s docket starting Monday, Oct. 1, until Nov. 6.

O’Hanlon is the third judge to take Farrell’s seat since August. Senior Status Judge Thomas H. Keadle had previously heard cases in August and Donald H. Cookman remained on the bench in September.

Farrell was appointed Aug. 10 to the Supreme Court by then-Chief Justice Margaret Workman to serve during the suspension of Justice Allen Loughry. Farrell’s appointment to the Supreme Court came in the midst of the state’s House of Delegates proceedings that led to the call for the impeachment of four justices. Farrell will now take over as acting chief justice and will preside over the impeachment trial in the Senate.

O’Hanlon served more than 25 years as a circuit judge in Cabell County, and Farrell was appointed to take O’Hanlon’s seat upon his retirement in October 2010.

Since his retirement, O’Hanlon has enjoyed his time as a beekeeper.

The circuit courts of West Virginia handle felony cases, civil cases seeking more than $2,500, habeas corpus, appeals from lower courts and several other cases.

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