All Bad things must come to an end

September 6, 2018

Bad Influence is going “out with a bang” this Saturday night at The Looney Bin in Bradley.

The band, which predominantly covers rock songs released from the 1970s to today, has been rocking out in the Kankakee area since Chad Christensen founded the band in 2013.

Christensen then had to leave the group last July after moving to Iowa for work.

Following Christensen’s exit, the group of four was joined by Justin Ford McCarty to fill the role of rhythm guitarist, but the band still felt Christensen’s absence on and off stage.

Since Christensen left, “the flavor hasn’t been the same just because his personality on and off stage left such a huge hole that is very tough to fill,” said bass player Dan Braisher.

Braisher is sad to witness the band’s ending but said he is grateful for the small time he spent with Christensen, McCarty, lead vocalist Joshua Jones, lead guitarist John Hebert and drummer Kim Barrie.

“With it ending, I have no regrets,” Braisher said. “We’ve done so much that I can only be thankful and happy with what we’ve done.

“These guys in this band have become a lot like my actual family. John [Hebert], our lead guitar player, he has became that older brother I never had. I love all these guys to death, honestly.”

Braisher has had a great time with the band from the moment he joined more than two years ago.

“My first weekend in the band, we had three shows,” Braisher said. “And for the third show, I was already opening up for two national acts.”

The band certainly saw a lot of success during its short-lived run, leading them to win Best Rock Band from the Kankakee Area Music Awards in 2016.

“We’ve done a lot more than what a cover band in this area probably ever should have done,” Braisher said.

“We’ve opened up for more nationals than I ever thought we would coming into this two years ago.”

One of Braisher’s favorite memories from his time in Bad Influence is when they played as Saving Abel’s opening act at The Bin.

“In my opinion, that was the best show we put on as a unit, as well as the best show we did as an opening act,” Braisher said.

For their final show, Bad Influence will be playing at The Looney Bin on Schuyler Ave. in Bradley Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“We’re gonna go out with a bang,” Braisher said.

Aside from the countless rock songs the band has covered, the group also wrote two original songs before Christensen left. Their original song, “My Life,” will be played during their show Saturday night.

To play music with his friends one final time, Christensen will be joining the group during the show to reclaim his role as rhythm guitarist. Christensen and McCarty will share the stage as the band and audience members say goodbye to Bad Influence.

Food will be served Saturday by Bull’s BBQ, which is inside The Looney Bin. For more information, find Bad Influence or The Looney Bin on Facebook.

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