It’s Human Nature To Blame The Catholic Church

August 29, 2018

Editor: To my Catholic brothers and sisters: One of the hardest things I had to come to understand when I entered our church was God’s gift of free will. Although it is a fact it is difficult for humans to understand why He does not step in to heal, help or stop horrible atrocities. It is only human nature to blame the Catholic Church for the terrible scandal of sex abuse that recently came out and there have been sins of denial and cover-up by too many of her members. Only God and His Blessed Mother can get us all through this terrible time. We must pray and the most powerful prayer is the Mass. To deny our God the praise and thanksgiving He asked us to give each Sunday, in reparation for the horrible scourging and terrible three hours He hung on the cross to pay the price for our sins, or — God forbid — leave the Church in shame because of the sins of some of His members is not a solution for our pain. Coming together in prayer for direction, healing for victims and punishment for those guilty of this great crime against the innocent is needed. The church will remain for the Holy Sacrifice will continue to the end of time we are promised. Not because we are good or worthy but because He promised. Annette Corrigan JACKSON TWP.

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