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Six Opposition Leaders Held By Government With AM-Nicaragua, Bjt

January 18, 1988

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ One of six opposition leaders arrested in an investigation into an alleged CIA plot was released from custody but picked up for a second time outside a U.S. Embassy residence, sources said Sunday.

Mario Rappaccioli, vice president of the Nicaraguan Democratic Coordinate, was arrested Friday night at his home, but released Saturday. The sources said he again was detained by security agents Saturday night after leaving a reception at a U.S. Embassy residence in Managua.

The Democratic Coordinate is the country’s main opposition alliance.

Other opponents of the Sandinista government also attended the reception, according to the sources who spoke with the condition they not be identified.

Embassy spokesman Lou Falino declined comment on the report.

Aristides Sanchez, a rebel leader in Miami, said Sunday that the arrest of Rappacciolli and other opposition leaders ″unmasks the farce″ of a government announcement to restore civil liberties in Nicaragua. President Daniel Ortega made the pledge at the conclusion Saturday night of a conference of the five Central American presidents in Costa Rica.

The Interior Ministry said Thursday it was investigating the possible roles of 11 people, including five of the six opposition leaders arrested, in a plan ″produced by the CIA ... to cause conspiratorial and terrorist actions″ against the Nicaraguan government.

The ministry did not elaborate on the allegations. Interior Minister Tomas Borge said Friday that the fate of the 11 suspects would depend on ″the depth of the investigations.″

In addition to Rappaccioli, other opposition leaders reported arrested were Alberto Saborio, president of the Nicaraguan Bar Association; Julio Icaza Tijerino, a member of the Nicaraguan Conservative Party; Duilio Baltodano of the Social Christian Party; Agustin Jarquin Anaya, secretary-general of a faction of the Social Christian Party, and Silviano Matamoros, political secretary of the Conservative Party.

All but Matamoros were among 11 named in the Interior Ministry investigation.

The five others arrested had traveled last week to Guatemala to meet with leaders of the Nicaraguan Resistance, an umbrella organization of the rebels, known as Contras.

Sanchez, a director of the Nicaraguan Resistance, said, ″The repression against Nicaraguan political leaders unmasks the farce of Ortega.″

Ortega said Saturday his government would hold direct cease-fire talks with the Contras and lift Nicaragua’s 6-year-old state of emergency, which limited most civil rights granted by the country’s constitution.

He took the measures to comply with a regional peace plan.

The Interior Ministry earlier identified the others under investigation in the alleged CIA plot as Carlos Huembes, president of the Democratic Coordinate; Miryam Arguello of the Conservative Party; Jaime Chamorro, co- owner of the opposition newspaper La Prensa, and Tomasa del Rosario Hernandes, Cairo Manuel Lopez and Edmundo Henry Pallais, all members of opposition parties.

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