Digital Mike: Take me out to the ballgame with MLB’s historian

August 18, 2018


I love baseball and I love history. There’s a site, and I’m sure there are others, that blends both in a wonderful way.

Our Game

John Thorn is the official historian of Major League Baseball. Now, that’s a dream job. He gets to delve into the archives, dig out stories and pass them along in various ways. One way is the Our Game blog. I love it. Recently, he did a two-part series on the Dead Ball Era. Wondering about it? Click this link to see what it’s all about. What else? I liked the recent quips, such as this one: Dick Allen: “Your body is just like a bar of soap. It gradually wears down from repeated use.”


Admirable writers

I’ve read Unheralded.Fish from time to time, usually when former PB sportswriter and a writer whom I admire, Jim Thielman, pens a piece. What happens is that I recognize other writers I’ve admired or read in the past and away I go, clicking and reading, clicking and reading. I hope you will, too. What’s this site? Well, here’s how they describe their effort that first started in 2015: “Unheralded.Fish is a group of collaborators who share a genetic employment history: we all passed through the doors of the Grand Forks Herald at least once in our career.” They write about North Dakota, events, current events, even sports. I’ve used the link below to highlight a fun piece by Thielman that shows his eye for detail, and his retention of fun baseball items.


What’s that lake?

Lake Finder is a go-to site in any season. My family is traveling to a lake this weekend that we’ve been to many times, but I looked it up to see what the old lake finder would have. It’s basic information, but in the land of 10,000 lakes ( we all know there are actually 11,842 lakes ), LakeFinder notes that it contains data for more than 4,500 lakes and rivers throughout Minnesota, including lake surveys, lake depth maps, lake water quality data, lake water clarity data, lake notes, and fish consumption advice. It’s good trivia and fact-finding, depending on your chore. One of the many sites that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources does well.


I voted

Did you vote on Tuesday? Did you get your “I Voted” red sticker? The simple, but cool little bragging rights item is an important talisman for Minnesotans. What do other states do? I came across this item about Durham, N.C., voters designing their “I voted” stickers. It’s a bit like Rochester’s new flag contest. Check out the ideas. See if you think we’re due for a change.


In the night sky

NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute is a wonderful collection of what’s happening in space, ideas and things you can do. One of our great contributors to the column, Jack Erwin, passed this one along to me last month and I had it stashed. The recent meteor showers and alignments of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn had me thinking about it. If you like space or are intrigued by the planets, exploration and ideas, give it a look.


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