VIDEO: Fireworks error follows Cardinals victory over Cubs

August 7, 2018

ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- While on a family vacation in the final week of July, I shot video of fireworks following a 5-2 St. Louis Cardinals victory over the Chicago Cubs on July 27.

Our first visit to Busch Stadium and the adjacent Ballpark Village, despite the outcome of the game, was a treat, one organized by our children.

I didn’t realize the story of the night would involve a fireworks mishap. You can see around the 28-second mark of the video that a firework or two strike the lights in the left-field corner and then flame out as they fall to the seats below.

News organizations reported no injuries. The St. Louis Fire Department also noted the team would provide the department and the city’s fire marshall a report on the mishap.

Attendance at the game, which totaled 47,169 fans, set a season-high mark to that point, a total that was eclipsed on July 28 as the Cardinals again defeated their rivals from Chicago, 6-2.

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