Editorial: Do not hinder the little children

December 23, 2018

Education is a top priority for Aiken County’s future but, for us, it’s personal, too.

As a news organization, this company is filled to the brim with professionals who will tell you how they fell in love with reading after their first Encyclopedia Brown book or how their lives were forever changed when they advanced in a spelling bee competition or garnered praise from a teacher for answering a question correctly.

Some kids see school as an escape from their less-than-ideal home environment. Schools should present a level playing field for all students regardless of what happens outside school hours.

It’s a good theory, but in reality, teachers and school counselors see how much support some kids need in order to get to a neutral starting point so they can focus on schoolwork.

Our industry and Aiken Communications will always support education. Sometimes that means helping to clear hindrances that are obstructing a child’s ability to learn.

In the Christmas Day edition of the Aiken Standard, you will see the results of our second fundraising effort, the Community Christmas Card to Aiken County students.

After numerous conversations in the community, with parents, administrators and many others, it was determined that a designated fund could help remove some of the barriers that keep children from learning.

You’ve seen articles in the Aiken Standard about the depth of needs that counselors see daily in our school system. When a child’s basic needs are unmet, it obstructs their ability to learn and could stifle their future. That’s our future, too.

The list of donors to this fund will be published on Christmas Day.

It’s been a year and six weeks since we originally set up the fund; we often hear about how your generosity is helping kids, and we will share those stories with you.

Thank you for supporting this effort and helping our kids. We may not be able to solve a case as quickly as young Encyclopedia Brown, but supporting the Community Christmas Card fund helps take the mystery out of learning for Aiken County students in need.

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