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February 24, 1985

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (AP) _ Members of rock star Prince’s entourage are renting 19 fancy cars while on tour here, but the man himself apparently prefers his purple limo.

The rental, which includes Ferraris, Mercedes, BMWs, Jaguars and Corvettes, is the largest such deal for the Budget Rent-A-Car agency here, co-owner Corky Rice said Saturday.

The Prince organization arrived in Southern California last week.

″One of my guys who solicits business happened to run into somebody from the Prince organization and mentioned that we have all these exotic cars,″ Rice said Saturday.

Among the cars rented are the red Ferrari seen on CBS-TV’s ″Magnum, P.I.,″ and the white Corvette driven by the character ″Face″ in NBC-TV’s ″The A Team,″ Rice said.

Prince was not among the renters, he said.


LONDON (AP) - John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, and former Beatles George Harrison and Ringo Starr have filed an $8.6 million lawsuit against Paul McCartney alleging breach of contract, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The suit, filed in New York, said McCartney earns more royalties from the Beatles’ hits than the other former Beatles, said The Sunday Mirror.

The newspaper said the suit alleges ″breach of position of trust, breach of contract and other wrongs.″

The paper quoted Bob O’Neill, legal spokesman for Capitol/EMI Records, as saying McCartney’s extra money came from the record company’s cut and did not affect the other Beatles’ shares, the paper said.

There was no answer Sunday to calls to spokesmen for the British firms that handle business for the three surviving former Beatles. Home numbers are unlisted for McCartney, who has farms in Sussex, England, and in Scotland; Starr, who lives near London; and Harrison, who lives in Oxfordshire.

Miss Ono, who lives in New York, has an unlisted home number, and there was no answer at her offices Sunday.


LONDON (AP) - Lord Louis Mountbatten, British soldier-statesman and cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, confided that he and his wife, Edwina, were constantly unfaithful, according to excerpts from a biography published Sunday.

″Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds,″ Mountbatten, who was assassinated by the Irish Republican Army in 1979, is quoted as telling civil service chief Sir Robert Scott.

The Sunday Times began serializing the official biography by Philip Ziegler, which is due to be published in March.

The newspaper said Ziegler is the first biographer to have access to the personal correspondence of Mountbatten, whose marriage was rumored to be near divorce several times. The couple had two daughters.

Mountbatten was a beloved royal relative, World War II commander in southeast Asia and the last viceroy of India, overseeing its independence in 1947. His wife died more than 20 years ago.


GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) - A 3-year-old boy who lives with his mother on welfare has been granted an $819,000 inheritance after a court acknowledged him as the son of an aristocrat who shot himself.

The boy, Tommy Craven, was acknowledged as the son of the 7th Earl Craven, who died in 1983 at 26.

Because the boy is illegitimate, he will not inherit the earldom. The title has already passed to the earl’s brother.

Tommy’s mother, Anne Nicholson, once lived with the earl, whose name was Thomas Robert Douglas Craven. She won the inheritance for her son Saturday after a court battle with the earl’s mother.

Residents of Hampstead Marshall, an English village where the earl and Ms. Nicholson lived together, believe the earl was a victim of an ancient family curse - that all Craven sons would die before their mothers.

The earl’s father, the 6th earl, drowned at 47 when he fell off a yacht in 1965 and leukemia killed his grandfather at age 35. None of his direct forebears going back to the 17th century lived to 60.

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