Orchids and Onions: Friday, January 11, 2019

January 12, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the snow birds and onions to the left lane slow birds.

Onions to the impatient, right lane locals and to the neighborhood dog vocals.

Onions to the new center divider and to the city planning decider.

Onions to the Canadian cheap tippers and to the East coast double dippers.

Onions to the noisy bars and to the number of winter visitors’ cars.

Onions to the random operating traffic lights and the four way stop, wrongs and rights.

Onions to everyone and everything, and a Happy New Year to all.

Orchids to the deli staff at Food City for a delicious 80th Birthday and Christmas dinner. It was excellent. Thank you so much.

Onions to the packer at the grocery store. The cold/hot bags are for frozen food, cold meats and fresh vegetables. Not to be loaded with canned goods. Breads, chips and crushable foods in separate cloth reusable bags and canned food in bottom.

Orchids to city traffic planners. If drivers would follow the rules of the road (i.e. don’t cross double yellow lines, don’t ignore the no left turn signs), there would be no need for medians. You reap what you sow, drivers.

Onions to stores selling Bird Seed Blocks! It’s Illegal to Feed Wildlife “Birds” in Mohave County, Code 132937. The Birds get diseases from other birds when they flock together! Stop it now!

Orchids to roundabouts. I like it when traffic flows better; less stopping and wasting gas, all right turns and fewer crashes, when people understand that traffic in the circle has the right of way. A thing I don’t like is trying to teach people that traffic on the right does not have the right of way.

Orchids to P.A. Julie McGuire and Dr. Devin Cunning at Az. Coast Ear, Nose and Throat. Thank you Julie for the early detection and Dr. Cunning for taking such great care of my husband. Get your hearing checked, it could save your life! DBC

Orchids to the manager and staff at Arby’s in Lake Havasu. Fast service, delicious food, and happy staff. Most everyone working was smiling, and everything tasted great. Bravo to management and staff!

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