The past 100 years, April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

April 4, 1919: Two New Mexico boys, reported in the previous casualty lists by the war department as being missing in action are now disclosed to have been killed by subsequent discoveries of Baker’s staff of casualty compilers. They are Pedro Jacquez of Silver City and Robert Pepin of Flora Vista. This list of casualties contains 132 names. …

April 4, 1969: The little train today received its long-sought authorization for immortality, at least on the New Mexico side of the Colorado border.

Gov. David F. Cargo this morning signed a bill creating a joint railroad authority with the State of Colorado to operate the narrow-gauge trained threatened with abandonment by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (DRG&W).

Terence Ross, chairman of the citizen’s committee for preserving the train which crisscrossed the New Mexico-Colorado border, said he believes the bill will come up for a vote today on the floor of the Colorado House of Representatives.

April 4, 1994: The plastic palace of playground equipment assembled at Salvador Perez Park was supposed to be opened on April 17 during a celebration complete with balloons and cookies.

But when children and their parents saw the synthetic gear glinting in the warmth of a sunny Easter Sunday, they were overcome with the urge to flout the “keep out” signs and to frolic.

Someone, apparently an adult, helped fulfill that desire by removing a portion of the fence that encircled the equipment. More than 40 children and their parents gladly took advantage of the entryway.