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Labor Leaders Protest Deals With Taiwan Aerospace

January 7, 1992

LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) _ McDonnell Douglas Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. labor leaders formed a committee Monday to pressure the government to delay approval of a partnership between McDonnell Douglas and Taiwan Aerospace Corp.

Taiwan Aerospace has agreed to pay $2 billion for 40 percent of McDonnell Douglas’ Douglas Aircraft unit in Long Beach. Much of the parts fabrication and subassembly work on Douglas’ new MD-12 jumbo jet would be done in Taiwan; final assembly would be in the United States, but not in Long Beach.

″Those of us who work assembly know without question that the MD-12 can be built in Long Beach and should be built here,″ said Bob Gamboa, a McDonnell Douglas worker elected chairman of the Committee to Enact a Patriotic Alternative to Commercial Takeover of American Aircraft Production and Maintenance.

PACT, as it’s known, said it would solicit support from Southern California cities that are losing aerospace jobs.

PACT said it also is worried about the fate of 6,000 employees of General Dynamics’ Convair plant in San Diego. General Dynamics, also based in St. Louis, builds fuselages for McDonnell Douglas’ commercial jets at the Convair plant. Taiwan Aerospace has made a simultaneous takeover bid for Convair.

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