WASHINGTON (AP) _ The rise of video games and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the somber Vietnam Memorial and the playful ``E.T.'' are the things Americans identify with the 1980s.

They are leading in the public balloting for postage stamps commemorating that decade.

Through Feb. 17, video games held first place with 133,942 votes, followed by the Berlin Wall at 132,190, the Postal Service said Monday. Some 128,734 voted for the Vietnam Memorial and there were 120,700 votes for the movie ``E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.''

The public is being asked to select 15 stamps to commemorate the 1980s. Voting continues through the end of the month with ballots available at post offices or on the Internet at http://stampvote.msn.com.

The 1980s stamps, to be released next year, are part of the post office's Celebrate the Century series, which will have a set of 15 stamps for each decade of the 1900s. Stamps for the first five decades were selected by postal officials and public balloting is being conducted for the century's last five decades.

Stamps are listed in five categories, with the top two vote-getters in each category getting on a stamp, plus the next five highest vote-getters overall.

Video games are part of the Lifestyle group. The second likely stamp candidate in that group is mountain biking, second in the category despite only 73,301 votes.

The fall of the Berlin Wall leads the People and Events category with the popular Vietnam Veterans Memorial second.

In the Arts and Entertainment category, the leading candidate is the film ``E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,'' followed by television's popular ``The Cosby Show,'' with 96,762.

Turning to Science and Technology, personal computers are ahead with 101,624 votes, followed by compact discs with 100,571.

Figure skating's 99,305 put it on top of the sports category, followed by the National Football League's San Francisco 49ers with 95,303.

The next five top vote-getters are cable television, 94,385; freeing the American hostages in Iran, 90,303; the Space Shuttle program, 88,727; the Broadway musical ``Cats,'' 86,247 and the National Basketball Association rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, 78,773.

Unlikely to earn a stamp if the balloting continues as it is currently, are:

Hip-hop music culture, 77,577; AIDS awareness, 70,862; Cabbage Patch Kids, 68,776; NCAA basketball March Madness, 68,719; television talk shows, 63,683; beach volleyball, 62,359; camcorders, 58,792; country music, 56,416; international arms reduction treaty, 46,538; aerobics, 38,073; minivans, 37,492; pianist Vladimir Horowitz returns to Russia to perform, 31,159; gene mapping, 27,929; Senior PGA Tour, 26,781; movie ``The Bonfire of the Vanities,'' 17,035.