Madison Vocational School put on National Register of Historic Places

April 4, 2019

Madison’s original trade school, which will soon become a hotel, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Madison Vocational School, 211 N. Carroll St., now known as Madison Area Technical College, or Madison College for short, was registered on the national list on March 21, and had been placed on the state’s register in November.

The Wisconsin Historical Society administers the National Register of Historic Places in Wisconsin, with such entities as sites, buildings, structures, objects and districts included in the registry for being significant in national, state or local history, architecture, archaeology, engineering or culture, the Historical Society said in a news release.

A listing on the register also gives access to benefits, such as qualifying for grants and for rehabilitation income tax credits, without restricting private property owners in the use of the property.

The original Madison Vocational School was built in 1921, with an addition constructed in 1949-50 and a second addition in 1964.

In 1911, the state Legislature passed the Continuation School Act to establish schools for employed youth who did not finish high school.

The Madison Continuation School opened in 1912, offering courses in the trades as well as literature, math, social sciences and the arts.

It was renamed Madison Vocational School in 1916 and moved into the Carroll Street building in 1921, right next door to Madison Central High School.

The school became Madison Area Technical College in 1967, and that was shortened to Madison College in 2009.

The original building is being converted to a hotel and will stop functioning as a school facility in June.