WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) _ A man who admitted making airline bomb threats was trying to keep a male exotic dancer from flying to West Virginia and learning he was not rich and that his offer of a lucrative job was a fake.

John Michael Liberto made 15 bomb threats against four airliners last December.

Liberto, 28, of Weirton, was sentenced Tuesday to five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to one count of making a bomb threat against an aircraft. Fourteen counts were dropped in a plea bargain.

Liberto had convinced dancer Raymond Doktor that he was a wealthy fashion mogul willing to hire Doktor as a fashion model, authorities said.

The two met after Liberto answered Doktor's advertisement in a fashion periodical, said Weirton Police Sgt. Greg Moodie.

Liberto had a history of luring male models to Weirton, where he stole their credit card numbers and sometimes seduced them, Moodie said.

In this case, however, Doktor wanted to come to West Virginia to meet Liberto and see his lavish offices, and Liberto acted to keep him away, an FBI report said.

Instead of a fancy office, Liberto lived with his parents in Weirton, a steelmaking city in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle, about 35 miles west of Pittsburgh.

There was no phone listing for Doktor in Los Angeles.