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Revolt Arrest Count Passes 300

January 22, 1988

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) _ The army said the number of rebel soldiers arrested taken into custody were Lt. Cols. Enrique Venturino and Luis Polo.

Venturino was purported to be the political brains in the rebellion at seven Argentine sites mounted by mutiny leader Lt. Col. Aldo Rico, who took over a garrison Saturday in Monte Caseros in northeastern Argentina.

Rico was among 282 rebels who surrendered Monday to end rebellions that ranged from the northern city of Tucuman to an infantry camp in southern Patagonia. Rico is being held incommunicado in maximum security Magdalena Military Prison in a 6-foot-by-9-foot cell.

Polo had been sought in connection with this week’s revolt and for his participation in three revolts last April that also were led by Rico.

Still on the loose were former Maj. Ernesto Barreiro, who led one of the revolts last April in Cordoba and was a spokesman for Rico before Rico escaped house arrest last Friday, and Lt. Col. Angel Daniel Leon, who fled when the regiment he was leading in Tucuman surrendered Monday.

About half the rebels under arrest are being held in Magdalena, 61 miles southeast of Buenos Aires, and the rest in Santiago del Estero in the north and Santa Cruz province in the south.

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