Beaver Dam woman’s home decked out with 86 Christmas trees

December 24, 2018

Anne Kulka’s eyes light up when fall comes around, because she knows what season comes next. It’s Christmas time.

For Kulka, it is time to take out of storage her rather large collection of trees.

“At last count with some of the small ones, I had 86 trees,” Kulka said in her town of Beaver Dam home.

Kulka, who works as a hairdresser at Barber-Anns in Beaver Dam, said many of the trees were given to her as gifts from clients, adding, “They just drop them off in my driveway”

Kulka begins by decorating the lower rooms in her home in October and said she never has a problem getting in the mood.

“I have a whole collection of Christmas movies,” Kulka said.

This year, she also helped her daughter, Nicole Matusin, decorate because Nicole provided another reason to celebrate when she gave birth to a son.

“I knew with my new grandson being there that she’d never get her Christmas stuff up if I didn’t do it,” Kulka said. “My kids have started doing it ,too.”

Matusin said that she decorates for the season, but normally stops at five trees.

“I don’t have nearly as big of a house as hers,” Matusin said.

At home, Kulka had a months-long task before her. The trees, all except the one where Santa visits, are never in the same the place.

Every tree is also taken down after Christmas with the whole process taking about four months. Luckily for Kulka, she has a well organized storage room for her Christmas treasures.

Each tree has its own theme. In the kitchen, a tree featuring utensils is up. A Grinch tree has bulbs on with his face. Trees feature family ornaments and one is done in lime green and pink. Little red trucks are on one tree. A snowman tree is up. And of course, how would you have all those trees in Wisconsin without a Green Bay Packers tree?

“The tree was at Shopko,” Kulka said. “I waited and waited for the yellow and green one to go on sale.”

Every room has its own tree needs of course.

“The bathroom has just a few,” Kulka said. “And I just have one to look at in when I’m doing laundry in the laundry room.”

Kulka is aware that her rather large storage area for the trees and ornaments is helpful when decorating at the level that she does each year. Ornaments and boxes are kept along with bins of items that go with each particular tree.

“If everyone has room (for storage), they’d find it easier to decorate,” Kulka said.

Each year, Kulka said she has everything up by Thanksgiving and has had open houses over the last few years where others can get ideas from her home.

“My mom and dad always decorated to the hilt, but they only had one tree,” Kulka said. “I just love trees.”

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