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Indictment in Turk Journalist Death

January 1, 1999

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) _ Prosecutors on Thursday announced the first indictment in the murder of a Turkish journalist slain six years ago while investigating ties between the state and the underworld.

Prosecutors charged that Abdullah Argun Cetin was an accomplice in the killing of Ugur Mumcu, who died in a carbombing on Jan. 24, 1993. Authorities are seeking the death penalty.

The indictment said Cetin was trained to use the explosive C-4, which was in the bomb that killed Mumcu.

Police arrested Cetin last month after getting a tip he was planning other slayings, including that of another prominent journalist.

A car crash two years ago confirmed what many Turks long suspected _ that state officials had close ties to mobsters. A fugitive terrorist, a police chief and a deputy were all riding in the same car.

The wreck set off a chain reaction of investigations and allegations which led to the sacking of several policemen, the trial of two deputies, including a former interior minister, and the collapse of the government of Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz last month.

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