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Jackson Says He Has No Recollection Of Woman Who Claims Plagiarism

January 10, 1988

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ Jesse Jackson said Sunday he has no recollection of a woman who claimed she retyped a lightly doctored magazine article for him to hand in as a paper when he was a freshman at the University of Illinois.

″I do not know the lady. I do not know her motivation. The teacher of the class says he has no recollection of it. I do not,″ Jackson said.

The woman, a former university secretary, was quoted in Sunday’s editions of the Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette as saying, ″I realized I was the person who typed the paper″ after reading an earlier story by the newspaper on the alleged incident in 1960.

Jackson left the university in 1960 and later graduated from the former North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College.

Jackson has said in the past that he left Illinois because racial prejudice would have prevented him from playing quarterback on the school’s football team.

The Illinois newspaper reported that Glenna Cilento of Urbana, Ill., earned extra money by typing students’ compositions and said Jackson gave her a Time magazine article with only minor word changes to be submitted as his own work.

Cilento was quoted as saying: ″When I saw the newspaper story about Jackson plagiarizing, I realized I was the person who typed the paper. It wasmy first year at the university, and I have a clear memory of Jesse Jackson.″

In its earlier story, the News-Gazette quoted two college acquaintances of Jackson who said they heard he had been told to leave the school after his freshman year because of plagiarism.

Jackson, speaking to reporters in Tallahassee, noted that University of Illinois President Stanley O. Ikenberry sent a letter to Jackson last week saying that the Democratic candidate’s academic record at the school was clean and there was no record of any disciplinary action.

Ikenberry also told Jackson he could enroll again as an undergraduate at the school if he desired. ″He was a student in good standing,″ the Illinois president said.

Ikenberry wrote the letter to the Democratic presidential hopeful after Jackson requested a review of his academic record.

Phil Coleman, the professor of the class for which the paper purportedly was written, said he remembered a plagiarism incident, but didn’t recall any names and did not recall having Jackson as a student.

The Democratic presidential candidate, ending a two-day stop in the Florida state capital, told supporters at a church service that he wants to stabilize the family in America to help steer young people away from drugs, suicide and crime.

He pledged to campaign for peace, jobs and economic justice for low-wage laborers and mothers seeking day care.

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