Dogs now allowed at all Beaver Dam city parks

February 19, 2019

Don’t forget to bring a leash.

The Beaver Dam Common Council voted on Monday to allow dogs at all city parks, with certain conditions. Owners will be able to walk their dogs through the parks, but not stop. The idea is that owners will stay on pathways as they walk through the parks and the rest of the city. The council voted unanimously to make the change.

“There was a want from people to be able to walk their dogs through the normal city parks with their dogs,” said council member Cris Olson.

Owners must keep their dogs on a restraint of some kind, like a leash. The leash must be 6 feet or less as an owner walks the dog through the park. Dogs will not be allowed in park buildings, shelters, playgrounds or athletic fields.

“The reality is a lot of people are already doing this,” said council member Lisa Davidson. “I think we have a lot of responsible pet owners in the city. I think to codify this and encourage this is going to be a real net positive for the community.”

Dogs can, of course, still run off-leash in the fenced dog area of Patrick Parker Conley Park or the other fenced dog area in Beaver Dam.

A dog must also wear a rabies vaccination tag and a license tag. Owners must properly clean up after their dogs. Dogs will not be allowed at Tahoe Park during Lake Days.

Anyone violating the new rules about dogs could receive a fine between $25 to $100 for the first time in a 12-month period and up to $500 for the fourth time.

The parks changes ratified by the council only apply to dogs. Cats, snakes and kangaroos will have to stay home.

The council is also working through new rules about fines for owners who don’t clean up after their dogs.

The move to allow dogs at Beaver Dam city parks began last year after owners wondered on social media why they weren’t allowed to bring their pets out with them. Madison allows dogs at a handful of its many parks, with conditions. Fond du Lac allows dogs in all of its parks.