LETTER: Claire Celsi comment: ‘Inexcusable’

May 19, 2019

State Senator Claire Celsi advocating for a boycott of Wells Dairy products is inexcusable. Anyone claiming that it is not a call for a boycott is being disingenuous. It is nobody’s business who Mike and Cheryl Wells give their money to.

In a cheap attempt to score political points she is ignoring the blue-collar workers that the Democratic Party claims to support. Claire, here’s an economic lesson: If they don’t sell their product, the employees will not have a job.

As an employee I am familiar with the Wells family’s reputation of their giving of time and treasure to people who are less fortunate. Their unending generosity. Of contributions big and small.

This is also something that the senator is ignoring.

She wanted to be a leader. She thinks she’s a leader. The least she could do is act like one.

Claire Celsi should not only apologize to the Wells family, she should also resign her elected office. Maybe she could get a job on one of our production lines. A little bit of honest work would be good for her. Charles Bos, Sioux City

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