On the busiest day of the Pony South Zone Tournament, check out Saturday’s scenes

July 29, 2018

In school, there’s the three Rs.

At Pony Baseball’s South Zone Tournament that’s unfolding this weekend at the Ruth Minchen Athletic Complex, there’s the three Ws.

Yikes and do all three play significant roles for teams and fans if they’re to make it through another scorching summer day in Deer Park.

Those three Ws are: wagons, walks and water.

The wagons are those little buggies, pulled by a handle, that teams and fans use to cart around such necessities as tents and baseball equipment.

For walks, there’s the good kind. It’s the leisurely stroll to the concession stand to buy bottles of Gatorade and nachos. There’s also the bad kind of walks. It’s those free passes to first base issued by pitchers.

For water, there’s nothing else to say about that W. The pint-size ballplayers have to drink it to stay hydrated and there’s nothing like ice-cold water from the cooler for the fans.

So on the busiest day of the four-day South Zone Tournament, here’s a look at some of the baseball party scenes taking place at the Complex where the three Ws were in ample supply.

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