What Women Want

November 22, 2018

A survey of 2,000 females released by women’s influencer platform SheSpeaks, and Lippe Taylor, the PR and Digital Marketing agency, gives some pretty keen insight into what gifts women want -- and how they’ll shop for their loved ones -- this holiday season.

The ” SheSpeaks/Lippe Taylor Women’s Buying Behavior Index ” notes, for example, that “This year more people plan to buy primarily online than those who will primarily shop at brick and mortar stores,” according to SheSpeaks CEO Aliza Freud.

This year, women will be looking for deals on Cyber Monday over Black Friday, to the tune of 62% compared to 54% of those polled.

Christmas Eve shopping is a no-no, with just 9% of women polled saying they plan to partake. More common is Thanksgiving Day shopping: 21% say they’ll line up after turkey.

Other revelations:

• 42% of women will do half their holiday shopping online and half offline

• 25% said 75% of the shopping will be done online and 25% will be done offline

• 16% said about 75% of the shopping will be done offline and 25% online

• 10% said all or almost all will be done online

• 7% said all or almost all will be done offline

What do women want?

• 67% of women surveyed say gift cards and cash are at the top of their wish list. It seems women prefer to buy their own gifts than trust others to shop for them

• 56% -- Clothing/accessories

• 43% -- Beauty products

• 36% -- Kitchen and small housewares

• 33% -- Books

• 32% -- Personal technology (tablets, mobile phones, gaming devices)

• 28% -- Travel/experiential gift

• 26% -- Jewelry

What does she really wish for most?

• 41% -- Time with family

• 25% -- Happiness

• 24% -- Health

• 9% -- Prosperity

As for re-gifting? If you want her to keep your gift to that special lady, make sure it’s not a candle.

55% of women surveyed say they have re-gifted a gift for the holidays

• Most common items to re-gift? Jewelry, Candles, Lotion, and Wine Accessories

• According to the poll, the strangest thing a woman admitted to re-gifting was deer jerky.

Who gives the best gifts?

• 37% said their spouse/partner did; 24% their parents; 17% children; 4% friends, and in-laws landed last at 1%.

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