Nomination papers filed in Jefferson County

January 4, 2019

JEFFERSON -- Several towns, villages and cities in Jefferson County will hold elections for local offices April 2. If needed, primaries could precede this on Feb. 19, while some smaller municipalities prefer to conduct caucuses.

The deadline for filing nomination papers for the election was Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Below is a list of some of the municipalities in Jefferson County that lie within the Daily Times readership area in which elections are to be conducted and the candidates who met the nomination papers filing deadline. Municipalities within the readership area not listed did not respond to Daily Times email and phone inquiries regarding the election in time for today’s publication.

Town of Jefferson

The positions held by incumbent town board Chairman Michael Hollinger and incumbent town board Supervisor 1 Tracie Stammer are coming up for election. Also on the ballot in April will be the position of town board Supervisor 3 Gregg Hill. All of the incumbents filed their nomination papers according to Clerk Tina Barnes and are facing no challenges.

Town of Lake Mills

The positions of Lake Mills town board Chairwoman Hope Oostdik, Supervisor I David Schroeder, Supervisor II Lee Peterson, Clerk Sarah FitzGibbon and Treasurer Sharon Guenterberg are all coming up for election. As of the deadline for filing Wednesday, Oostdik, Schroeder and Guenterberg indicated they wish to return to town service. Peterson and FitzGibbon will not be coming back and Supervisor II has no candidate. Running for Clerk will be Andrea McHenry and Robin Untz.

Town of Milford

In the town of Milford, incumbent town Chairman Jeff Ziebell, as well as town board Supervisor Joseph Donnelly and Supervisor Jason Hoffman will all see their positions coming available in the April election. Incumbents Clerk Karen Schadt and Treasurer Kathleen Redmer are both seeing their positions become available in the next election. Milford does not work with nomination papers and a caucus will be conducted Jan. 12 at 1 p.m. at the town hall.

Town of Watertown

In the town of Watertown, Chairman Richard Gimler will see his position becoming available, as will incumbent Supervisor John Thoma. Supervisor Robert Preuss, Clerk James Wendt and Treasurer Vonnie Buske will also see their positions opening up. All filed for their respective positions and will be seeing no competition this spring.

Village of Johnson Creek

The positions of village president and some village trustees will be up for election in April. Incumbent village president is John L. Swisher. Incumbent trustees whose positions will be available are Tim Semo, Mike Saindon and Steven Brown. Noncandidacy papers have been received by the village clerk from Brown. Bev Deppe is a new candidate running for Brown’s open position, having filed her nomination papers by Wednesday’s deadline. All other incumbents also filed by the deadline.

Village of Sullivan

In the village of Sullivan, the position of incumbent president will be available, along with some trustee positions. The incumbent village president Tammy Kevin is not running, but Roberta Montague and James M. Brandenburg have filed nomination papers for the position. Incumbent board member Gary Kernodle has filed his nomination papers and there is one open seat.

City of Jefferson

In the city of Jefferson, the electorate will vote for four aldermen at-large who will serve two-year terms. The incumbents filing nomination papers are Vince Krause, Toby Tully Jr., Peg Beyer and Bill Brandel. Newcomer Chick Neils has also filed nomination papers. The position of Municipal Judge Joanne Miller is also becoming available and she has chosen to run.

City of Lake Mills

The electorate in Lake Mills will be asked to vote for one person each in aldermanic District 1 and aldermanic District 2. Councilman representing District 1 is incumbent Douglas Fritsch, while Steven Fields is the incumbent in District 2. Both candidates have filed their nomination papers.

City of Waterloo

Open offices include those of the mayor and aldermen in wards 1 and 3. Robert Thompson is the current mayor who will not be running, while current alderman in Ward 1 is Clifford Osborn who will not be running. In Ward 3, incumbent Tim Thomas filed his nomination papers by Wednesday’s deadline. Jenni Quimby and Angie Stinnett have filed for mayor. In Ward 1 an extension has been granted in order to find a candidate.

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