Testimonials about water workouts

May 25, 2019

Have you ever considered taking a water exercise class? It is a low impact form of exercise that anyone can do. It is an effective exercise that will give you benefits of cardio, strength and flexibility without the stress on your joints.

I have written a few articles about water fitness, but this time I wanted a little different approach to my article. I asked a few faithful water class participants for their testimonials and opinions about our classes.

Testimonial 1: I started because I had hoped to lose some weight since I was having ankle problems. I was surprised how much I could do in the water that I struggled with on land. The doctor told me I should try to lose 50 pounds. I didn’t think it was possible, but after water aerobics classes three to five days a week I surprised myself and others. What was more exciting than the loss of the 50 pounds. was how many inches I lost all over. I was well into women’s plus size clothing and now I am in regular misses’ sizes. Something I haven’t done for at least 20 years. There are all different kinds of water classes. Aqua Sculpt, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Kick, Aqua Pilates, and Hydro Cardio. It is a very nice variety and the instructors are always adding new things to make it interesting. The other thing that is important is that some women are afraid to get into a swimsuit, thinking everyone is in so much better shape. Once they get there, they realize we are all there to improve or health and for fun. It is amazing to realize how fast the time goes when you are working out with the people that have become your friends. The instructors are so encouraging and fun. They let you know that everyone is at a different point of their abilities so it is important to do your best and just keep moving even if you can’t keep up with others. Remember you’re in water and they don’t see what your body is doing under the water. One last thing, you may not always feel like you want to get up and go to class, but you will be surprised how much better the rest of the day will go and how much more you can accomplish because of the exercise you did.

Testimonial 2: Water classes provide a variety of exercises combined with fun and friendships. Exercising in the pool provides much more resistance than exercise on land. The benefits of your time are multiplied. It is good for exercise, stress relief and toning. Water exercise is a great time!

The Columbus Family YMCA will have a six-week water bootcamp starting June 4. The bootcamp will be Tues/Thurs. at 10:15 am. Cost for members is $60 and non-members are $100. A T-shirt is included in the cost and we must have 10 participants to hold the session. We have a few different instructors on rotation who will be leading the Bootcamp they also have a few things to say about water.

Leslie Huston, one of our Bootcamp instructors, would like to see women in their 30s and 40s give the Bootcamp a try. Here is what she had to say about water exercise: “If they need something very different from their usual routine, they need to try the pool. Shy of swimwear? I have told them to wear shorts with their suit.”

Another one of our bootcamp instructors, Kelli Augustin, had this to say about water exercise: “I have seen a change in body since I started using the pool, especially in toning. I usually burn 500 calories per class. One time I burned 679 calories in class. It is a whole-body workout.”

If you have any questions about our bootcamp or water classes please give us a call. We hope you will give our Water bootcamp a try.

Rachele Eller is the wellness coordinator/personal trainer at Columbus Family YMCA.

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