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Family Reunited After Long Search

June 24, 1986

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Richard Lofgren’s newspaper subscription was running out, but his prayers were answered with the final delivery as he found a story that reunited him with the five brothers and sisters he had not seen in 27 years.

Lofgren, 33, who was sent to a boys’ home in Oklahoma City in 1959, always hoped newspapers would provide a clue that would lead him to his family.

He said he got cold chills when he saw a picture and story in Sunday’s newspaper that detailed his siblings’ search for their relatives.

″My wife was kind of thumbing through the paper and she saw the headline about the search and the picture of me as a boy. She told me the story sounded familiar,″ Lofgren told the Tulsa World on Monday. ″When she showed me the story, I about jumped out of my shoes.″

″Having it happen like this proved that it was meant to be,″ said Richard’s oldest sister, Vicky McCullough of Oklahoma City. ″If it would have been printed a day later, he wouldn’t have seen it.″

Lofgren’s subscription lapsed Sunday because he planned to leave Oklahoma this week to look for a job.

Mrs. McCullough and her sister, Elaine Carman, had found their brothers Buddy and Jerry and their sister Joni earlier. All had been adopted.

″When I talked to Vicky, she sounded so excited that I knew she was my sister. I was still in shock. I just wanted her to hang up and get here,″ Lofgren said. ″I called Jerry and he sounded nervous, but he said he was so anxious to see me that he would try to come to Tulsa right away.″

Their reunion was held Sunday night.

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