Orchids and Onions: Sunday, December 2, 2018

December 2, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the nice man who called my husband on the phone he’d found down on the channel. I had accidentally left it on a bench! He called the name he saw most on the “recent,” and even brought it to us at the Black Bear Restaurant on his way home! Thank you!

Onions to all the people who are littering at Crystal Beach. I walk my dogs through there every day. All I see is empty beer bottles and oil containers; you name it, it’s out there. Very uncool. Litter in your own yard.

Orchids to best roofing contractor in Havasu, Dynamite Roofing. Only thing better than their work ethic is their integrity. Need roofing work? Do yourself a favor.

Orchids to the fabulous Parker Police Officer who pulled me over speeding on 95 taking my ill sister Parker Hospital. She was in severe pain and having trouble breathing. Thank you for escort with lights and sirens

Orchids to runners, walkers, sponsors and volunteers who helped make the 30th Annual Turkey Trot a success. Orchids also to River Medical Ambulance which stood by to help keep our racers safe for another year. Dr. Novack

Onions to the City for not putting up new Christmas decorations on Main Street. Come on, let’s get decorated. You complain residents go out of town for shopping. Maybe if we give them a reason to stay in town, they would.

Orchids to Shoreline Plumbing. Someone was at our house within two hours, did a great job! Appreciate the service.

Orchids to the amazing Debbie L. at Bashas. She is so funny and helpful. You are lucky to have her. Keep up the great work girl. Your secret admirer.

Onion to the onions about the chicken wing litterers. Get a map. Mohican/Blackfoot are streets, dummy. Not a racist remark. Take it up with the city.

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