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Another Chinese Plane Hijacked to Taipei

December 12, 1993

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ A man pretending to have explosives hijacked a jetliner from mainland China to Taiwan on Sunday, the Defense Ministry said.

It was the ninth hijacking from China to Taiwan this year and the second in five days.

The Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737, carrying 92 passengers and eight crew, landed at Taipei International Airport, escorted in by two Taiwan air force fighter jets.

The plane was allowed to fly back to China several hours later. The hijacker was detained.

Police identified the hijacker as Qi Daquan, 23, who worked for an international trading company in the northern city of Harbin. They said Qi had claimed that he carried explosives.

Qi told reporters at the airport that he hijacked the plane because he was unhappy with ″China’s policy and legal system.″ He did not elaborate.

The Defense Ministry said the hijacker commandeered the plane as it was on a flight from Harbin to Xiamen in southeast China.

On Wednesday, a Chinese businessman armed with a surgeon’s knife hijacked a Northern Airlines MD-82 plane carrying 129 passengers to Taiwan. The plane was quickly allowed to return to China and the hijacker was detained.

Government spokesman Jason Hu told reporters Sunday that Taiwan will urge Beijing to curb hijackings when semi-official groups from the two sides meet Dec. 18-23 in Taipei.

Each side blames the other for the hijackings. Taiwan claims China’s airline security is lax, while China says Taiwan is too lenient to hijackers.

With the easing of political tensions between the two sides, Taiwan has stopped welcoming hijackers as political refugees from the Communist mainland.

Earlier this month, the High Court upheld a 10-year prison term imposed on two Chinese who hijacked an airliner in April.

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