Grenn: Group won’t challenge decision on ethics initiative

June 14, 2018

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The group behind a ballot initiative addressing legislative ethics will not challenge Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott’s decision to remove the measure from this year’s ballot.

Mallott said legislation passed last month was substantially similar to the planned initiative and eliminated the need to put the issue to voters.

Rep. Jason Grenn says the ballot group won’t challenge that decision. Grenn, an Anchorage independent, is a member of the ballot group. He also sponsored the successful legislation.

The bill, among other things, would require approval for legislative travel outside the United States. It would prohibit lobbyists from buying legislators alcohol and restrict food purchases.

Grenn has said without the initiative, lawmakers would not have felt pressure to act.

Grenn says the ballot group will disband after the bill is signed.

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