Local auctioneer host book signing for ‘Abby Girl’

December 16, 2018
Courtesy of Mark Breeding Facebook page Mark Breeding has several local book signings coming for his newest book, "Abby Girl: Shepherd with a Big Heart and Other True Stories."

HUNTINGTON - Ashland auctioneer and appraiser Mark Breeding is scheduled to sign copies of his latest book titled “Abby Girl: Shepherd with a Big Heart and other True Stories” at Empire Books Saturday, Dec. 22, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The book opens with Breeding’s 11-year odyssey tightly bonded with Abby, a female German shepherd born with an over sized heart. Vets had told Breeding that Abby “probably will not live more than two or three years.” She lived way beyond that, as she and her master helped one another overcome any number of searing challenges.

Breeding’s book also delves into stories of his days as police officer, his friendship with Kenny Grant, founder of a chain of Gino’s pizzas and the former Gino’s Pub piano player, Dick Lucas. He also tells of his experience with meeting actor-director Clint Eastwood in Carmel, California, while Eastwood served as a mayor for the town. The book also blends swatches of poems mostly relating to his growing up in rural southern Ohio.

The book has been endorsed by singer Tanya Tucker, pictured on the back cover with her own German shepherd.

Tucker writes: There is nothing more beautiful than the heartwarming story of the love between a dog owner and their loyal four-legged companion.”

An excerpt from Breeding’s book reads as follows:

“Abyyy!” I screamed. “Abby! Dear God,” I prayed. “Please help me find her. Please don’t let the coyotes kill her, please.”

Water streamed down my face, my glasses were useless. Removing them, I tried to scan the landscape and horizon through the sheets of rain and disorienting fog. I wiped rain mingled with tears from my face. Neither Abby nor any other living thing could be seen in all this darkness and gloom, which was swallowing my hope and creeping inside my heart I felt hopeless and defeated.”

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