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Five Killed in Train Collision

September 6, 1989

AREVALO, Spain (AP) _ A train carrying 120 passengers and traveling nearly 90 mph rammed into a stationary freight train northwest of Madrid on Wednesday, and at least five people were killed and 54 injured, officials said.

A spokesman for the Alava province civil governor, who asked not to be identified, said the dead were the passenger train’s engineer and four women.

The collision took place just after noon when the northbound Madrid-Gijon express rammed into the freight train at the station in Arevalo, about 70 miles northwest of Madrid.

The crash left twisted wreckage of both trains spread across several rail lines. The spokesman said six of the 54 injured were in serious condition.

Alberto Garcia Alvarez, the zone director of the state railway company RENFE, said the passenger train entered the station on a secondary rail line onto which the freight train also had been guided to permit the passage of the passenger train.

An unidentified passenger told Spanish National Radio, ″All of a sudden there was a crash and it was like we were in a blender, flying over the seats.″

Garcia Alvarez told reporters the express train was not scheduled to stop in Arevalo and was going about 86 mph when it crashed.

Another RENFE spokesman, Charo Delgado, said the express train carried 120 passengers.

The accident was the deadliest in Spain since March 1988, when eight people died and 25 people were injured in the crash of two passenger trains in a station in Valladolid, 112 miles northwest of Madrid.

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