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Actress Delphine Seyrig Dies At 58

October 16, 1990

PARIS (AP) _ Actress Delphine Seyrig, the star of ″Last Year At Marienbad″ and other films by some of Europe’s foremost directors, has died after a long illness, associates said Tuesday. She was 58.

She reportedly died Monday at a Paris hospital. No details of her illness were given.

Ms. Seyrig began her career as a stage actress in 1952. She lived in New York City during the late 1950s and was affiliated with the Actor’s Studio there.

″Last Year At Marienbad,″ the acclaimed 1961 work by Alain Resnais, was one of the first of her more than 30 films.

She went to star in Joseph Losey’s ″Accident″ (1967), Francois Truffaut’s ″Stolen Kisses″ (1968) and two films by Spanish director Luis Bunuel - ″The Milky Way″ (1969) and ″The Discreet Charms of the Bourgeoisie″ (1972).

She was born April 10, 1932 to French parents living in Beirut, Lebanon, and married Jack Youn-Germain, a painter, in 1950. Her father, Henri Seyrig, was an archaeologist, and her brother, Francis, became a well-known composer.

She was fluent in English, performing English-speaking roles both on stage and in films, such as ″The Day of the Jackal″ (1973).

During the past decade, she became active in the women’s rights movement and was involved in the creation of the Simone de Beauvoir Center, which produces documentaries on feminist issues.

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