Hilary Duff’s daughter suffering from colic

January 4, 2019

Hilary Duff’s two-month-old daughter is suffering from colic.

The 31-year-old actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (01.01.19) to ask for help as she revealed her daughter Banks - whom she has with her partner Matthew Koma - can’t be put down without “screaming”, as she’s suffering from colic - a severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines.

Posting a picture of herself and her newborn tot, Hilary - who also has six-year-old son Luca with her ex-husband Mike Comrie - wrote: “Calling all parents of colic babies.....this ends right? Can you ever set them down with out them screaming OR waking up? We have read everything the internet has to offer... nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps! We have done all the obvious things ..please leave magic tricks in comments. Oh and happy new year lol #thankGforfilters #babyforsale !!! #anytakers?? (sic)”

Several fans took to the comments of her post offering suggestions, including advising she diffuse lavender oils and giving Banks warm baths.

Meanwhile, the former ‘Lizzie McGuire’ star has a good support system to help her with Banks’ poor health, as she recently revealed her son Luca is the best big brother to his new sibling.

She said: “Honestly, it’s like she’s always been there. Obviously a newborn needs their mom the most and when I start to feel bad that she consumes most of my time, I look at him and he’s totally fine...

“He’s so loving towards her and is always, like, holding her face and wants to hold her.

“When she starts to cry he’s like, ‘Mom, she’s gonna blow! Get her!’ It’s really sweet. It’s like she’s always been there and he’s just cool.”

And Hilary also praised her partner Matthew for being a “really good dad”, while revealing how she adapting to life with a second child.

The ‘Younger’ star said: “Honestly, I feel like I can’t complain about it because people have more than two kids and I’m sitting here like, ‘How do people do this? Oh my gosh!’

“And I just have a baby on my boob the entire time. It’s insane and amazing at the same time and you just do it. You just figure out a way to do it. But I don’t know if we call it balance yet. It’s mayhem.”

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