Letter to the editor: Hold all accountable in priest abuse tragedy

October 13, 2018

The Catholic Church needs to re-examine its policies and, along with our courts, hold every criminal involved in this horrific sexual abuse of children accountable -- including those who did nothing to stop it. Simply “relieving the offender of his duties” is not enough. This type of abuse is not exclusive to the churches in Pennsylvania, but the institutional cover-up rests solely on those who continue to financially and physically support such atrocities.

We urge other states to follow in Pennsylvania’s footsteps, and we stand in solidarity with those who are calling for legislative policies that will help the victims in these cases. Too many faith-based organizations have been allowed to evade their civic responsibility and commit such tragic crimes. It is important that our government protects its citizens by providing the same oversight of religious groups as it does for secular institutions.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro broke with a long-standing tradition of politicians and law-enforcement officials who have ignored these reports when brought to their attention. This grand jury’s extensive work is commendable, and we honor the victims who came forward to save future generations from suffering a similar fate.

Marie Schaub

New Kensington

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