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Military Government Appoints New Cabinet With PM-Haiti, Bjt

June 21, 1988

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) _ Here is the new Cabinet appointed by Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy after he ousted President Leslie Manigat, as read on television:

Defense and Interior - Maj. Gen. Williams Regala, who was a member of Namphy’s three-member junta.

Foreign Relations - Brig. Gen. Herard Abraham, who had the same portfolio under the junta.

Information - Col. Alsidius Saint Louis.

Economy and Finance - Col. Andre Jean-Pierre.

Justice - Brig. Gen. Fritz Antoine.

Public Health and Population - Lt. Col. Jean Verly.

Public Works, Transport and Communications - Lt. Col. Alfonse Desulme.

Agriculture - Lt. Col. Donmax Citasus (phonetic spelling).

Education, Youth and Sports - Brig. Gen. Cecilio Dorce.

Social Affairs - Col. Fred Desyr, minister of Social Affairs.

Commerce and Industry - Col. Eric Brunel Lamour (phonetic spelling).

National Promotions and Public Administration - Claude Grand Pierre, apparently the only civilian.

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