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Hunt Ends With No Sign of Beast

October 7, 1990

DRUMNADROCHIT, Scotland (AP) _ A two-day search for the Loch Ness monster ended Sunday with two blips on a radar screen but no evidence of the legendary beast.

National oddsmakers William Hill Organization Ltd., which had offered 250,000 pounds ($477,500) for ″conclusive evidence″ of Nessie, kept its reward but paid 1,500 pounds ($2,850) to a Scottish company for the best search method.

Oceanscan, which supplies underwater sonar equipment for the North Sea oil industry, used underwater radar and registered an unidentified object up to 26 feet long.

″The object which showed up yesterday registered as two blips on the sonar screen but it moved out of range very quickly. We can’t be sure what it was,″ said Andy Gray, Oceanscan’s managing director.

The three other hunting parties participating in the first major search in three years came up empty.

But Daniel Isted, a 25-year-old London editor of a corporate in-house magazine, managed to catch himself a bride.

His girlfriend, Dee Smith, accepted his proposal along the shore of Loch Ness.

The lake is 754 feet deep, 23 miles long and a mile wide.

William Hill is offering 100-1 odds that Nessie’s existence will not be authenticated within a year.