Ed Kahn: Is public education the bedrock of our democracy?

September 25, 2018


Apparently, some people fear that our public education system, “the bedrock of our democracy,” is under attack, and are not happy about that. They should wonder why that is. There are many reasons why concerned Americans are, in fact, attacking the present condition of “public”-government education. America is not, and has never been, a democracy. Our founding fathers, aware of the inherent weakness of democracy, wisely set up our country as a Constitutional Republic. And, a government controlled education system was not a part of that Republic.

Public education and state universities came about much later. At first, that arrangement was helpful to our Constitutional system. But, little by little, after we saw how socialists under Nazi Hitler and communist Stalin corrupted their state controlled “public” education system, wise Americans realized that public education and state universities were dangerous to Constitutional freedom, and should be reformed or, if necessary, dissolved.

Wise Americans reason that public education has become a bedrock, not of either a democracy or a limited republic, but, rather an expensive producer of tyranny.

Ed Kahn

Arizona Constitutional Rights Union


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