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Bright and Brief

December 25, 1985

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ After delivering toys to all the world’s children, what does Santa Claus do?

According to youngsters here, the jolly old elf goes home to clean up his workshop. Or maybe he heads off to bask in the sun somewhere.

Or there’s the idea of Kellee Meghan Davis, age 6:

″He goes home to watch Donahue on TV.″

Seven children in the New Orleans area were quizzed by The Times-Picayune, The States-Item newspaper about what Santa does after Christmas. Their answers were published Christmas Day.

Eight-year-old Tommy Hassenboehler of Metairie says Santa ″goes on a vacation trip to Florida.″

Erin Donnelly, of Jefferson, figures that Santa enjoys himself at the North Pole: ″He has fun sliding on his sleigh before he goes out to buy his wife some Christmas presents.″

″He packs his clothes and goes home to the North Pole. Then he cooks steak, corn and drinks tea,″ said Shane Authement, 4, of New Orleans.

″He eats pizza, plays putt-put and ice hockey,″ said Richard Staub, 4, New Orleans.

″After he sleeps and eats breakfast he goes fishing,″ said Denise Bourgeois, 7, of New Orleans.

Ray Trosclair, 7, of Metairie, realized that even after the delivery is over, Santa still has work to do.

″I know he feeds his reindeer and fixes dinner for his elves,″ said Ray. ″After that he cleans up his workshop.″


DALLAS (AP) - Still trying to figure out how to put together that Christmas swing set? Is that coveted exerciser still in 16 pieces, when there should be just one?

For all those who panic at seeing the words ″assembly required″ on a package, Brice Lindsey offers help.

The former car salesman has set up a company called Assembly Required Inc., and, for a fee, will tackle the task.

Lindsey said he got the idea for the operation when it took him two days to put together an exerciser for his girlfriend.

″I started thinking, ’There should be a company that does this,″ he said.

″Things are more complicated and sophisticated these days. People don’t have the time to do this kind of work, and they’ll pay to have it done.″

He charges $100 to $300, but business has flourished since he set up shop in 1983 with a borrowed truck and some cheap wrenches. He has eight employees at two offices, and they keep busy year-round. Business triples at Christmas, he said.


PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - Anne Valdivia stocked up on extra bulbs for her outdoor Christmas lights this year, just in case someone repeated last year’s theft of two dozen bulbs.

But when six were stolen recently, she had had enough.

In a note left on the porch with the decorations, she told the thieves, ″I think that having all the lights stolen last year was enough. There are children living here that would like to enjoy Christmas. We’re trying to celebrate the birth of our Savior, not thieves.″

The next night, the missing bulbs had been replaced - and there was a new note.

″We are very sorry, we were only borrowing the lights,″ said this note, written in a childish hand. ″We also replaced the broken one.″

Besides wishing a merry Christmas to the mother ″and your kids,″ the note added: ″P.S. We didn’t take them last year.″

Mrs. Valdia’s reaction: ″Thank goodness for honest thieves.″