Aren’t Moms the Best?

December 18, 2018

A nine-year-old girl who almost gave up on recess because it took too long to bundle up, has joined her mom in helping other kids around the world.

Zoey Harrison loves playing outside with her friends, but was running into some trouble when it came to keeping warm while sitting in her wheelchair.

Jennifer Harrison of Ithaca, Michigan, said, “She would come home and she’d say, ‘My blanket fell off in recess and it got caught in my wheel,’ and ‘By the time I’m done getting ready, I get outside and the bell rings.’”

Harrison, a mom of 11, said she adopted her daughter Zoey when she was a one-year-old. Zoey has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.

Last winter, Zoey asked her mom to make something that didn’t take long to put on so she could play outside at recess.

Harrison went shopping and purchased two purple coats, to which she made specific modifications -- she called the result the “Bodycoat.”

Harrison then created a demonstration video for Zoey’s teacher -- which was viewed 11 million times, and led to hundreds of thousands of requests.

The patent-pending garment, priced from $115 to $185, is sold on the Harrison family’s company website. The name of their business is “X-Ability.” The “dis” in the word disability is crossed out.

“I saved recess for myself and a million other people,” Zoey told ABC affiliate WZZM-TV.

X-Ability is stocking as fast as they can and are turning all profits into more Bodycoats, Harrison said.

“I think the best part is getting a picture of a smiling kid. Words cannot express how much joy it’s brought me that something I made has brought so much ease to a parent, because I know how easy it is and how convenient it is to have.”

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