More Letters To The Editor 11/6/2018

November 6, 2018


Negative approach

Editor: We have become accustomed to hyperbole in political ads.

But this election cycle has seen new lows. Republican congressional candidates John Chrin and Dan Meuser, and Senate candidate Lou Barletta — Trump devotees all — have done their worst to emulate him, with the politics of division and fear and lies.

In their ads, Chrin and Meuser attack their opponents as “not one of us.” So, it comes down to “us” versus “them — they don’t even try to mask this tactic of dividing the people. Their supporters are good and their opponents are evil.

Trump said in his campaign that he would be president of all the people, but he has done nothing but pander to his base,and Chrin, Meuser and Barletta unabashedly do the same. They don’t try to tell people what beneficial policies they will pursue if elected — they only say it will be terrible if their opponents win.

The most ridiculous aspect of their negative campaigning is repeating Trump’s 2016 mantra of “drain the swamp.” Trump and the GOP have controlled everything in Washington since January 2017. It’s obvious that the swamp dwellers there have been put there by Trump and the GOP.

The worst example of the politics of division, fear and lies occurs in the ads run by the Future45 group. They accuse Democrats of wanting violence, socialism, open borders, immediate tax increases and other offenses. Politifact rates their accusations as “pants on fire” false.

Now is the time for the voters to reject the Republicans’ destructive approach to elections and, for that matter, to governance.




Unworkable idea

Editor: Several candidates propose to eliminate school property taxes.

While this position initially sounds supportable, in practicality it has questionable merit. If school property taxes would be eliminated, that revenue would be replaced through another tax, probably an increased sales tax. I have not seen this theory developed to a practical degree by any candidate. Does sales tax revenue fluctuate due to economic conditions? How much would the sales tax be increased, and under what conditions, and to what degree?

Additionally, the position that the elimination of school property tax would provide tax relief to elderly, low-income home-owning taxpayers is simply not the case. Those people are entitled to a homestead exemption, which reduces their school property tax. Additionally, taxpayers in that category are entitled to property tax rebates. Through the exemption and rebate, older, low-income property owners can potentially eliminate their school property tax cost.

So, if school property taxes are eliminated, this would transfer the low-income and elderly tax burden to the sales tax and they would receive no relief. That would put the low-income, property tax-paying elderly in a worse taxation position with increased sales taxes.




Save babies, too

Editor: Gov. Tom Wolf’s re-election campaign ran an ad that supports the humane treatment of dogs.

I think this is one of the best election campaign ads I ever have seen. The end of the ad might almost cause you to shed a tear seeing the governor with the happy dog.

The difficulty I have with this is realizing that he supports abortion. Would Wolf consider running this same ad with the dog right after he ran an ad telling about his support of abortion? The incongruity would be startling.

If the governor truly feels this way about dogs, why can’t he demonstrate the same feelings for an unborn child? Isn’t one single unborn human being worth more than a dog? I praise him for helping to save poor maltreated dogs, but, please, save the babies too.



Reject extremism

Editor: Never did I think I’d see a segment of the American people fight so hard against obvious progress.

Prior to the last election all people wanted was to see was the job market open, the economy boosted, our borders secured, the trade fiasco done over, improvements made in foreign relations.

We now have a non-politician president, who loves his country, doing his best to make all that happen. His successes are glaringly evident.

People are much better off now than three years ago.

What do he his administration get in return for all the gains made in two years of years effort?

Hate. Forget what party he runs. Concentrate on the successes he made that no president in decades was able to match.

The once- credible Democratic Party has been taken over by a group of hate-driven extreme leftists. How extreme? Witness the embarrassing Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court circus. I’d say pushing for socialism in America is pretty extreme.




Violent Democrats

Editor: The Democratic Party always has been the violent arm of our republic.

Democrats supported slavery and when we fought a war to stop it, they formed the Ku Klux Klan to continue attacks on the blacks in this country. The Republican Party was formed to protect the blacks but has failed miserably. In recent decades it advocated violence in the Vietnam War demonstrations that ended with the Kent State Massacre.

Since Donald Trump has been president violence has escalated mainly due to the corruption and anti-American stance taken by the left. The Republican Party is rife with corruption but Democrats are violent.

When was the last time someone referred to a patriotic Democrat?

A vote for Democrats is a vote for socialism and anarchy




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