Our View: Spring offers rarefied magnetic mix in Havasu area

March 22, 2019

Spring pre-season major league baseball games are weeks into their schedule. So is college spring break.

Spring comes early to Arizona but officially it didn’t begin until Wednesday. Here’s what the official beginning of spring means: By this time of year in Western Arizona, spring is in its prime. This means it’s also the best of the season for Lake Havasu City and its environs.

Not that it’s hard to notice. After a strong winter rain season that didn’t want to end, the desert and mountains are alive with growth. Plants are greening, flowers are blossoming and a person dropped in the middle of it would be forgiven for thinking it’s Hawaii, not Arizona.

This creates extra appeal for those venturing into the desert. It’s always a playground except in summer, but a flower display adds to the allure. Hikers, mountain bikers, motorcycles and side-by-sides all find the warm days and seasonal growth an irresistible mix.

There’s more to the mix, though. More boats are on Lake Havasu. Anglers are watching as the water warms. More stories about the great fishing on Lake Havasu are appearing around the state and region. There’s no season like spring to bring out the best of both the dramatic contrast of sky and desert and the ways they can both be enjoyed.

Does this mean crowds? A bit. And a certain road project in the middle of the city is making traffic appear worse than usual. In comparison with recreational areas nearer to large cities, Western Arizona offers plenty of elbow room and opportunities to get away.

This time of year, the area is almost too idyllic. It’s wise, then, to remember the desert is still harsh and unforgiving and that creatures like snakes are more active, that pretty desert plants can still impale and that rock hillsides hold loose rocks as well as pretty flowers. It’s wise to remember that lake temperatures can be both exhilarating and hypothermic.

Spring offers a rare and rarified mix to those lucky enough to be in the Lake Havasu City area and attentive enough to get outside and enjoy it.

— Today’s News-Herald