Mexico's banking system is widely distrusted. Few people qualify for loans, so people have developed a wide range of schemes to create their homemade network of savings and loans. Among them:

_THE TANDA: A kind of office pool, in which a dozen participants make a fixed contribution each week or month, and the money goes to the member whose name is drawn out of a hat.

_THE CHINESE TANDA: A variation on the Tanda. It allows participants to bid extra for the monthly payout, providing a bonus for the other members.

_THE TANDAHORRO: A passbook-style savings plan run by banks and the government to capitalize on the popularity of Tandas.

_SELF-FINANCING: A group of people who want to buy cars or homes gets together. All make monthly payments, but only one member gets to buy their car or house each month; the rest may continue paying for years to fund the up-front purchase for their fellow members.