How Nebraska students can get into their top college of choice

August 19, 2018

LINCOLN - Many Nebraska high school students are back in school and some now are starting the planning process to find their future college or university.Laurie Joyner is an education specialist and president of Saint Xavier University in Chicago and says as students and families approach this decision, remember it has been something they have been preparing for their entire lives. Students have been working to get good grades and developing their own unique personalities and areas of interest. This is the next step in that process.Joyner’s first tip is for the student to make a list of institutions they are interested in attending. She says, “Take the time to visit multiple college campuses. As soon as you walk on a campus and interact with current students or faculty and staff members, you are going to get a sense of the culture of the institution and the values of the institution. If you find a match there, then that is one you are probably want to keep on your short list.”This is a two-way street. Joyner says as students interview potential colleges, they are also interviewing the students to see if they have that “X factor”. She says, “Colleges really want students who are individuals and are true to themselves. What I often say to students if they are completing a college essay or you are doing an interview during a visit, the most important thing you can do is be yourself. Let your true colors, so to speak, shine through because we, as institutions, value who you are and what you are going to bring to our learning community.”

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