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Three Killed In Rebel Attack

April 19, 1989

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ Contra rebels attacked a rural house in southeastern Nicaragua, killing three people and injuring two, the Defense Ministry announced.

The attack, announced by the government Tuesday, occurred Monday night in the Rio Kama area in the Zelaya Sur province, 400 miles southeast of Managua.

A military source said the attack was launched by ″mercenary forces loyal to the terrorist policies of former Somoza colonel Enrique Bermudez.″

Bermudez, head of the Miami-based Nicaraguan Resistance, said during talks with Nicaraguan opposition political leaders last week in Guatemala that he had ordered his forces to observe a cease-fire.

Gustavo Tablada, a Socialist leader in Nicaragua who met with Bermudez last week, said Bermudez told him some rebels might be working in concert with common criminals.

The Nicaraguan Resistance, which heads up the Contra rebels, has received U.S. backing to fight the leftist Sandinista government since 1981, but the Contras now receive only non-lethal aid and are mostly in Honduran camps.

The Sandinistas came to power in a 1979 popular revolution by defeating former President Anastasio Somoza.

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