Max and his BIG pumpkin

October 11, 2018

SPEARFISH — One Spearfish boy has seen the fruits of his labor grow big, very big.

Max Abbott, 5, a kindergartener at Mountain View Elementary School, with a little help from his parents Jake and Michelle Abbott, grew pumpkins in their garden this year with one tipping the scale at 117 pounds.

So what did he have to do to get the pumpkin get so large?

“Plant it and water it. … Everyday,” Max said.

“We thought we would try growing pumpkins for the first time this year,” Michelle said.

When trying to pick out the variety, one stood out above the rest.

“Big Max. That’s why we got it. Because it had his name on it,” Michelle said.

Soon after planting the seeds Max started to see the vines grow. Pumpkins started forming, and then the July 27 hailstorm hit.

“We thought it would be demolished,” Michelle said. “We went out there and the leaves were trashed. We didn’t think anything would come of it. We just left it not thinking anything would grow back. These were the only two.”

In mid September the family harvested the large pumpkins.

The big one weight 117 pounds and stands a little shorter than Max’s 1-year-old sister, Ruby. Look closely and you can make out a smiley face on the pumpkin.

The second pumpkin weighed 38 pounds.

They used a wheelbarrow to move the big pumpkins to the front of their house.

Max needed a little help from Dad and Grandpa to get the large one in the wheelbarrow.

Pumpkins weren’t the only thing Max grew this summer.

He grew his “magic beans” which grew purple, and when then boiled, turn green. He also grew summer squash and regular green beans.

Max doesn’t know if he will carve the big pumpkin yet.

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