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Police Zealous In Uncover Operation

June 23, 1986

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Police enforcing a law that favors cover-ups have issued more than 40 warnings or citations a week this month in a crackdown on sunbathers who expose more than they should on Venice Beach.

″There’s a feeling that it’s OK. People tell us that they thought they could do it here. Those people get arrested,″ said Sgt. Mike Mines.

Nude sunbathing violates city and county laws. Offenders usually receive warnings the first time they’re caught, but those with repeat violations are cited for the misdemeanor offense, which carries a maximum punishment of a year in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Police say women are most often cited for going topless while men are frequently warned about wearing G-string bottoms.

″I don’t like to wear a top,″ said Jody Pauley, 29, who said she has gone topless on Venice Beach since she was a teen-ager. ″I never have.″

Pauley said she has only been caught twice in 14 years, and the last time was six years ago. Both times she got a warning.

Police frequently spot offenders while patrolling the beach for drugs and alcohol.

There have also been disturbances, Mines said, including an instance when two nude women attracted more than 100 gawking men.

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