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Woody Allen, Alfred Uhry Take Writers Guild Awards

March 19, 1990

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Woody Allen, who wrote the screenplay for his ″Crimes and Misdemeanors,″ and Alfred Uhry, who adapted his play ″Driving Miss Daisy″ for the screen, took the top prizes Sunday night from the Writers Guild of America.

Allen’s award for best original screenplay and Uhry’s for best screenplay based on material from another medium make the two men favorites to repeat at the Academy Awards on March 26.

The 42nd annual WGA awards ceremonies took place at dinners in Beverly Hills and New York.

″Crimes and Misdemeanors″ focuses on the story of a murderous philanderer tormented by his conscience. The movie stars Allen, who also directed it, Martin Landau and Angelica Huston.

Uhry won the Pulitzer Prize for the stage version of ″Driving Miss Daisy.″ The movie, featuring Jessica Tandy as a Southern widow and Morgan Freeman as her chauffeur, has been nominated for a leading nine Oscars.

Television honorees Sunday included Bill Wittliff, adapted long form prize, for ″Lonesome Dove, Part 1″ and T.S. Cook, author of the cable movie ″Nightbreaker,″ for original long form.

In series television, Karl Schaefer took the drama prize for the ″Rolling″ episode of ″TV 101.″ Todd W. Langen was selected for best comedy writing for the ″Coda″ episode of ″The Wonder Years.″

Alison Cross won the Paul Selvin Award for the script that best embodies the spirit of constitutional liberties and civil rights for ″Roe vs. Wade.″

Other television winners were:

Anthology Episode/Single Program: ″The Closed Set″ from ″Tales from the Hollywood Hills,″ Ellen M. Violett.

Variety-Musical: ″Not Necessarily the News,″ Matt Neuman, Larry Arnstein, Steve Barker, Joe Guppy, Nancy Harris, Scott McGibbon, Jon Ross, Lane Sarasohn, Steven Young, Merrill Markoe, Richard Rosen, Tom Kramer, Adam Barr and Peter Ocko.

Daytime Serials: ″Ryan’s Hope,″ Claire Labine, Matthew Labine, Eleanor Mancusi, Bill Burritt, Louise Shaffer and Paul Balido.

Children’s Script: ″Taking A Stand,″ Bruce G. Harmon.

Documentary-Other Than Current Events: ″Secret Intelligence- Intervention,″ Joseph Angier and Blaine Baggett.

Documentary-Current Events: ″The Battle for Eastern Airlines,″ Alex Gibney.

Television Spot News: ″CBS Evening News in Beijing,″ Tom Phillips, Paul Fischer, John Mosedale, Jerry Cipriano and Hugh Heckman.

Television Graphic Art: ″Dawn of A New Era,″ Stephen Vardy and Hal Aronow-Thiel.

On-Air Promotion: ″WNET-Thirteen Promotion,″ Susan Meredith Lay.

Radio winners were:

Radio Spot News: ″World News This Week,″ Stuart H. Chamberlain, Jr.

Radio Documentary: ″Remembering 1939,″ Elizabeth L. Dribben.

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