North Augusta’s Living History Park event provides food for local birds

December 3, 2018

Birds and squirrels around the Living History Park in North Augusta will be able to enjoy a feast over the weekend thanks to this year’s Christmas for the Birds event.

Peanut butter, seeds and fruit are on the menu.

Each year, the park hosts children and their parents to make treats for the local birds, which are made and hung on a tree like ornaments for the wildlife to snack on.

“It’s a family thing to sort of kick off the holidays,” said Ding Denlinger.

Denlinger said there are a lot of really great birds at the Living History Park, and a herd of deer, too.

“We see the little spotted ones every summer,” she said.

Treat-makers slathered a mixture of peanut butter and shortening onto a pine cone or slice of fruit, then rolled it around in a mixture of bird seed.

“And then you hang them on the trees and the birds will take the yarn and put it in their nest,” said Pam Schmidt. “They use everything.”

“Tinsel” was made for the tree by stringing popcorn and bread together.

“They seem to know about this event, you hear them, you see them, they’re just up there waiting,” said Judy Dooley about the birds.

Along with making treats for birds, attendees were welcome to sit by the fire and drink cider, or participate in story time with reader Helga Graff.

The Christmas tree is supplied for free from Wright Farm each year, and attendees are asked to bring a bag of cat or dog food to be donated to local shelters.

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